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Hello everybody, Starlight45Oreos here introducing you to where I put things down about myself. Content for this Fandom is slowly appearing. Please be patient during this time.

What you can do.

This wiki is currently about art. You may post your own art by creating a page. Just credit yourself in the article so people aren’t too confused. There are rules for creating pages.

1. It may not have any swearing though swearing is allowed anywher else.

2. You have to credit yourself. Just write this (This [Object] was made by [User])

3. If your drawing is a place, ypu would have to make a template.

4. Collaborations with other users is acceptable. It just needs more credits.

If you want to help make Starlight45Oreos Wiki a better place, you may also suggest things to User: Starlight45Oreos.


This wiki is deleting most of the pages for a new start.

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